About Us

‘Pravasi Voice’ is an online news portal managed by ‘Pravaasi Roots Private Limited Company’.

‘Pravaasi Roots Private Limited Company’ has been formed with a mission for the welfare of Malayalee Community living in different parts of the world and working in other states of India. The firm began to function independently in the year 2012 under the leadership of Pravasi Malayalee Federation Global Coordinator Sri.Jose Mathew Panachikal.

Objectives of Pravasi Voice : News Portal

  1. To promote the social and cultural activities of Pravasi Malayalee Associations.
  2. To promote the literary activities of Pravasi Malayalees.
  3. To promote talented artists & writers in Kerala.
  4. To conduct cultural festivals & literary programs associate with Pravasi Malayalee Associations.
  5. To honor the Pravasi Malayalee writers.

Editorial Board & National Coordinators 

Jose Mathew Panachikal  – Austria 

Email: panachickan@gmail.com  

Daies Idiculla – UAE  

Email: daies200@gmail.com 

Anitha Pullayil – Rome

P.P.Cherian – USA

Email: p_p_cherian@hotmail.com

Anas Kizhakkekunnel – France

Email: anaskk2002@gmail.com

Mob. 0033 64 353 7226

Jolly Kurian  – Austria

Mob. 0043 664 5143103

Shibu Usman  – Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mob. +966 53181 2055

Email: abuzayyan2014@gmail.com